2021 Nissan Kicks vs Kia Soul

2021 Nissan Kicks vs Kia Soul

Small cars are perfect for city driving, but there's no need to trade smooth driving for convenience. Two of the most popular subcompact cars available are the 2021 Nissan Kicks and the Kia Soul, both of which aim to combine city flair with an economical approach. How do they compare? Read on to find out.


Design and Looks



You won't mistake the Kia Soul for any other vehicle on the road. Often described as a box on wheels, it's a tiny car with a unique character you'll either hate or love. The Nissan is much more conventionally attractive, with all the design highlights you'd expect from a modern SUV translated into its subcompact form. The large grille and swept-back headlights create a sleekly modern front end, while the chunky rear adds a reassuringly aggressive edge to give the small car a much stronger highway presence.


Under the Hood



Both cars are supplied with an engine that focuses on economical city driving rather than winning any awards for power and performance. The Soul's standard engine has a slight edge in horsepower terms, with the 2.0L model making 147hp compared to the Kicks' 1.6L mill making 122hp. However, the Nissan more than makes up for that minor difference with its great highway fuel economy figure of 6.3L / 100km, nearly 10% less thirsty than the Kia.


As you'd expect from small cars aimed mainly at city and short-distance highway driving, both models are front-wheel drive only. However, this does make the Kia's claim of off-road readiness slightly suspect.


One major difference between the two cars is in the transmission. The Kia offers only a five-speed manual option at the base, with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) as a paid upgrade. In contrast, the 2021 Nissan Kicks is fitted with a CVT as standard across the entire range.


Advanced Safety and Driver Assist Systems



At the base level, the Kia Soul is provided without any active systems at all. However, it's a very different story with the Nissan Kicks. Forward automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection is included on every model, along with lane departure warnings. Available extras include adaptive cruise control, while every Kicks model includes both an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) for enhanced stability and control.


Infotainment and Technology



There's little to choose from between the two cars when it comes to infotainment. Both offer a 7" touchscreen as standard with 8" as an available upgrade, and both offer Apple CarPlay and Android on every model. A Wi-Fi hotspot facility is an option for both cars, but one notable upgrade available for the Kicks is NissanConnect. This advanced system provides remote locking and unlocking via smartphone, remote access to the car's location, and a range of concierge and emergency services available at the touch of a button.


Test Drive the 2021 Nissan Kicks in Calgary



If you're looking for a small car with extreme economy for city and highway driving duties, it's hard to beat the 2021 Nissan Kicks. Book a test drive from our Calgary showroom and see how far this great little car could take you.

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