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  • Battery Replacement

    The battery is at the heart of your car. Modern vehicles are so reliant on technology that any failure of the battery means a complete shut down, no matter how far you are from home. Just as importantly, a weakened battery can harm your vehicle's mechanics, putting stress on the alternator and starter, wearing them out more quickly.


    The average car battery lasts for around four years in typical conditions, and should be tested with plenty of time to spare to avoid you being stranded.


    Our factory-trained technicians can check that your battery is in full working order, and if necessary fit a genuine OEM replacement that fits perfectly into your vehicle.


    When Should a Battery Be Replaced?


    But don't leave it to the last minute. If you notice any of these warning signs, book a service appointment for our experts to give your battery a thorough inspection:


    - The battery light on your dash lights up.


    - Your car has difficulty starting.


    - Electrical systems don't always operate as they should.


    Replacing a battery yourself can be dangerous for both you and your car, but it's a straightforward and low-cost task for our experts, who can do the job in safety and to the highest standard.


  • Tire Rotation
    As you drive, the tread on your car's tires slowly wears out, eventually leading to uneven handling and a dangerous loss of grip. But tires don't wear out equally. As the four tires experience different levels of friction when accelerating and turning, the tread depths and grip levels can become unbalanced across your car.
    When this happens, your car won't handle as safely, with cornering more unpredictable, grip more unreliable, and braking much less responsive. 

    Tire rotation is an essential part of keeping your vehicle safe, switching the tires to different wheels in a carefully planned sequence that evens out the wear and keeps your car driving true.


    And as well as improving handling and safety, tire rotation is usually required under your tires' warranty, which will be voided if regular rotation isn't carried out.


    When Should Tires Be Rotated?


    It's recommended to rotate your tires every six months or 8,000km, and it's convenient to schedule it to be done alongside your regular oil change. Book a tire rotation with us and we'll keep your car handling safely and responsively, and also extend the length of your tires' life before they need an expensive replacement.


  • Replace Engine Air Filters

    Your car's engine air filter is an essential protection against the build-up of dust, grime, and debris which increase the wear and tear on the engine. If they're doing their job properly, the filters will slowly become dirty and clogged, lose their efficiency, and need to be replaced.


    What Happens When an Air Filter is Clogged?


    The main effect of a clogged engine air filter is that your car's performance will be reduced, with acceleration being up to 10 percent slower and the engine working harder for the same speeds. And as this change will happen slowly, you may not even notice it until your filter is changed and your car feels like new to drive.


    How Often Should the Engine Air Filters Be Changed?


    The working life of the engine air filters depends on many things, including the environment you usually drive your car in, along with its make and model. However, a replacement every three years or 50,000km is a good estimate for most drivers.


    But our factory-trained technicians can tell at a glance whether your air filters are still in good condition, and can quickly and easily replace them if needed to ensure your car's engine enjoys the protection it deserves.


  • In-Cabin Filter Replacement (on most models)
  • Brake Inspection and Service

    Modern cars pack a lot of power, and the brake systems need to be up to the task of stopping the vehicle safely and efficiently. Our brake inspection service will carefully check your car to identify any problems before they can cause any danger.


    We'll measure the wear of the pads, rotors, and drums to make sure they're still working efficiently and have plenty of safe use ahead.


    We'll also test the brake fluids, and change or bleed them if necessary, and check that your parking or emergency brake is in fully safe working order.


    When Should Your Brakes Be Inspected?


    It's vital to catch any potential brake problems before they become dangerous, and so a regular brake inspection is recommended every six months as part of an overall service. However, if you notice any of these warning signs, contact us as soon as possible so we can investigate:


    - Strange noises when you brake including grinding, squealing, or squeaking.


    - The brake pedal feels sluggish or spongy.


    - The steering wheel shakes in your hands when you brake.


    - The car wobbles at highway speeds.


    All of these could mean potential danger, so contact our experts to give your brakes a clean bill of health.


  • Wiper Blade Replacement

    Most drivers don't notice how important windshield wiper blades are until something goes wrong. As well as keeping the rain and snow off the glass to give a clear view, they also prevent the build-up of dirt and debris. Faulty blades will have a potentially dangerous impact on visibility, and as the change is gradual, you might not notice it happening until safety is affected.

    When Should Wiper Blades Be Changed?


    - If the blades squeak or rattle as they move across your windshield, they'll need either adjusting or replacing.


    - A windshield that's left with smears of dirt or streaks of liquid is a sure sign of faulty or worn-out blades.
    - Visibly worn or cracked blades need replacing immediately.
    - A toughened blade edge with no give means the blades are past their best.
    - Blades should be replaced roughly every six months to a year, even if you don't notice any deterioration.
    - Try to time blade replacement for before the heavy weather of winter when your wipers will be at their most essential.


    Changing a car's wiper blades can be tricky depending on the model, but our technicians can do the job in minutes, whichever kind of Nissan or other brand you drive.

  • Bulb Replacement
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