Demonstrating Value, one journey at a time

Demonstrating Value, one journey at a time

The sizzling transformation of the automotive industry forces the key players to develop and adapt future offerings to unprecedented levels of change. Accelerating development of Zero-emission vehicles, further safety enhancements and adaptation to the ever- looming autonomous vehicle now dominate the automotive curriculum. The auto industry has however, had a storied history of being a trusted source, recognizing and improving our overall driving experience and adapting well to the environmental consciousness.

Perhaps, lagging in the discussion regarding the future has been the development of delivering an effortless ownership experience. Are we applying the same innovative thought processes into an easy ownership experience and creating new value for owners as exceptional as our vehicles? Or does the after-sales ownership journey remain overdue for re-imagination?

Our team at South Trail Nissan, believes an exciting opportunity exists to promote a truly unique service experience to the area by connecting to an already connected community. We’re proud to represent a world class automotive manufacturer and we offer a new brand awareness to the community, with our products and services. Yet it’s our methodology, designed to demonstrate that as an organization we recognize that we’re positioned to be a convenient, authoritative counselor, building trust and credibility to a customer experience that’s in-line with the way consumers interact with today’s modern brands. Our exclusive automotive network allows us to invite customers into a new LANE (so to speak) for everything automotive. An automotive GO TO! for today and the future with respect to automotive mobility. It’s an open invitation, a welcome mat for customers to partner with us and be part of a New Mobility network.

We all benefit from the new possibilities of building a world class automotive network together. Our business is being developed to match the new openness and appreciation in the way customers shop, buy and design their interactions with top brands. It’s why our team has been carefully chosen with the vast majority from right here in these local communities.

Having completed 90 days of operation, we’re very appreciative to have served over 300 Nissan owners who allowed us the opportunity to launch a unique automotive platform designed to surpass expectations. We’ve built a strong connection with our first group of customers as evidenced by customer survey returns indicating our platform is functioning as designed. However, we are continually focused on building an automotive community and demonstrating our support to extend value in all directions and allow consumers to interact seamlessly with us.

The automotive industry will no doubt rise to the challenges of the time in area’s related to vehicle safety, emissions and future mobility advances. The delivery of an effortless ownership has new significance in today’s automotive world where many consumers can become disconnected across a highly complex automotive ecosystem. Our team is focused on Owner and business specific outcomes by demonstrating value one journey at a time. Experience your journey at South Trail Nissan.

Burke Kromm

Service Manager

South Trail Nissan

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