Nissan Canada will Donate $300,000 for Food to People in Need!

Nissan Canada will Donate $300,000 for Food to People in Need!

Nissan Canada is again demonstrating its commitment to positively impacting the community by donating $300,000 to provide food to those in need. This gesture marks a continuation of Nissan Canada's 30-year celebration of generosity and philanthropy.


Nissan Canada is committed to enhancing the quality of life in the communities it serves, as outlined in its corporate vision. The company actively pursues this goal by concentrating on three main areas: the environment, education, and humanitarian relief. To effectively carry out these initiatives, the Nissan Canada Foundation has established strategic and enduring collaborations with various organizations, including Habitat for Humanity Canada, the World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF-Canada), and Food Banks Mississauga.


Protecting the Natural World

Regarding the environment, Nissan Canada recognizes the significance of protecting and preserving the natural world. Through its partnership with WWF-Canada, the company strives to contribute to conserving wildlife and their habitats, supporting initiatives promoting sustainable practices and a greener future.


Education is another essential focal point for Nissan Canada. The automaker recognizes that education is a crucial driver of progress and development in society. By joining forces with various educational institutions and organizations, Nissan Canada endeavours to empower individuals, particularly children and young adults. They aim to provide children and young adults with quality education and skill development opportunities. Through these partnerships, the company seeks to support programs that enhance literacy, numeracy, and technological proficiency, equipping individuals with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive world.


Humanitarian Relief

Nissan Canada believes in providing humanitarian relief to those in need. By collaborating with Habitat for Humanity Canada and Food Banks Mississauga, the company actively contributes to addressing pressing social issues and helping to alleviate hardships faced by vulnerable communities. Through these partnerships, Nissan Canada works to provide affordable housing solutions, tackle the problem of homelessness, and support programs that ensure food security and the well-being of individuals and families who are food insecure.


The Nissan Foundation Charity was established in 1993 to enrich people's lives and impact communities. The foundation ensures that its efforts lead to tangible and sustainable changes. It supports endowments, bursaries, and in-kind donations, with an estimated value exceeding two million dollars. Apart from providing financial assistance, the foundation also contributes by donating labour hours, recognizing that the actual worth of these efforts lies in the outcomes they enable.


This latest donation of $300,000 for food will go a long way in addressing the critical issue of hunger and food insecurity. With the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals and families face increased difficulties accessing nutritious meals. Nissan Canada's donation will support food banks and community organizations in their mission to provide vital sustenance to those in need.


Nissan community support extends beyond monetary donations. The organization's employees actively engage with the Nissan Canada Foundation and participate in initiatives to give back to the community. This level of involvement showcases employees' pride and dedication towards making a difference.


Social Responsibility

The Nissan Canada Foundation serves as an example of corporate social responsibility, demonstrating the positive impact businesses can have on society. By focusing on areas that align with its corporate vision, Nissan Canada can make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of individuals and communities across Canada. 

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