Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre Owned Nissan

Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre Owned Nissan

Many customers are understandably wary about purchasing a used car. Some car dealers will try to mislead you into thinking that you are getting a good deal on a used car when in reality, you are getting a vehicle that will need to have several costly repairs within the first year of owning it. One way to ensure that you are getting a good deal while also having a level of protection is to purchase a Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. Keep reading to find out the various benefits that the Nissan Certified Pre-Owned program offers.


What is the Nissan Certifies Pre-Owned Program?


In order to offer you the right protection for your used vehicle, Nissan offers a certified program on certain models that gives you a wide range of benefits including an extended warranty. In order for a vehicle to be considered for the Certified Pre-owned program, the vehicle must have been manufactured no more than six years ago and it has to pass inspection while also not exceeding a certain kilometre limit.


What Type of Inspection Does the Vehicle Go Through?


When a vehicle is on the Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Program, it must first pass a rigorous inspection. Some of the components that are thoroughly inspected include:


• Tires and Rims
• Seat Belts
• Engine Block
• Exhaust
• Battery
• Body Panels
• Transmission
• Engine Bay
• Cruise Control
• Fuel System
• Electricals
• HVAC System
• Brake Calipers
• Steering
• Differential
• Emissions
• Radiator
• And much more


An experienced technician will perform a 169-point inspection on the vehicle. If you would like a full list of every component that is inspected, feel free to contact us today.


What Type of Warranty Do You Get with the Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Program?


If you purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, it will come with a specialized powertrain warranty that covers over 600 different components and lasts for 72 months or 120,000 km. With this warranty, if you ever need service work done on the transmission, engine, or drivetrain, you can get most service completed with a $0 deductible.


Benefits of Purchasing a Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle


In addition to the amazing warranty that comes with the CPO program, you also get several other benefits including:

• Sirius Satellite Radio Trial
• Rental Vehicle Assistance
• 24/7 Roadside assistance
• Financing Opportunities with Nissan Canada Finance
• 10 day/ 1,500 km vehicle exchange promise
• Personalized Trip Planning


The roadside assistance plan will expire after 72 months or 120,000 km. All other benefits expire at the times listed above.


Additional Plans and Warranties


Nissan also offers the available Nissan Security Plus Platinum Protection Plan gives you an advanced warranty on over 1,900 components on the vehicle. This plan covers the same 600 components that the other warranty covers, however, it also covers additional components including the climate control system, steering system, suspension, and electrical components. This protection plan is extended to last up to 96 months or 180,000 km (whichever comes first).


If you are interested in a Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle or would like to learn more about the Nissan Security Plus Platinum Protection Plan, feel free to contact us today.

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