Nissan Maxima And Qashqai Will Not Be Continued In Canada For 2024

Nissan Maxima And Qashqai Will Not Be Continued In Canada For 2024

In a surprising move, Nissan has announced that the Nissan Maxima and Qashqai models are among the Nissan discontinued vehicles in 2023. This decision aligns with Nissan's strategic shift towards electric vehicle production, with a projected 40% of Nissan vehicle sales expected to be fully electric by 2030. Let's dive deeper into the Nissan Maxima discontinued Canada and Nissan Qashqai discontinued Canada reasons and its implications on Nissan's plans.


Nissan Maxima

After captivating the market for forty-two years since its debut, the Nissan Maxima will cease production in 2023. As Nissan aims to prioritize electric vehicles, the company has decided to focus on developing electric SUVs, which are gaining popularity among modern car buyers. According to Nissan spokesperson Ashli Bobo, 40% of Nissan vehicle sales are expected to be fully electric by 2030, making it logical for the company to shift its resources accordingly.


The declining sales of the Maxima also played a substantial role in the decision. The Altima and Sentra models have been outselling the Maxima, reflecting buyers' shifting preferences towards SUVs rather than large sedans. This trend is not unique to Nissan, as many other automakers have also witnessed a decline in sales of their large sedan models. The market demand for SUVs has been on the rise, prompting Nissan to realign its focus to meet customers' evolving needs.


Nissan Qashqai

The Qashqai, a former best-seller in the subcompact crossover segment, has also been discontinued in Canada following the 2022 model year. As reported, Nissan sold an impressive 19,662 Qashqais in 2018, making it the highest-selling subcompact crossover that year. However, sales have steadily declined since then. In 2022, Qashqai sales were down by a significant 46% compared to its peak in 2018.


The decision to phase out the Nissan Qashqai can be attributed to Nissan's future product plans. With the introduction of the next-generation Kicks, which is expected to occupy Qashqai's market space, Nissan Canada saw it fit to eliminate this former best-seller. The Qashqai's discontinuation aligns with Nissan's strategy to focus on electric SUVs, which are in high demand.


Implications for Nissan's Future Plans


Nissan's decision to discontinue the Maxima and Qashqai models in Canada speaks volumes about its commitment to electric options and aligning its product lineup with changing market demands. As the automotive industry embraces the transition towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, Nissan aims to position itself as a leader in the electric vehicle space.


By focusing on developing electric SUVs, Nissan addresses the shifting preferences of car buyers and positions itself to thrive in the evolving automotive landscape. This strategic shift reflects the company's vision for the future, as it anticipates a significant market share for fully electric vehicles by the decade's end.


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