Do I Need Snow Tires if My Vehicle has AWD?

Do I Need Snow Tires if My Vehicle has AWD?

Many people who take their vehicles on off-road adventures prefer their vehicle to have an all-wheel-drive system. The AWD systems are great for getting your vehicle out of a sticky situation when the terrain gets tough. Most people also think AWD is a must-have during the harsh winter months when snow and sleet often cover the road. While having AWD is certainly helpful during the winter, it is the only thing that your car needs to drive safely during this time? Here is a look at how AWD systems work for you in the winter and whether or not you should be putting snow and winter tires on your car as well.


How Can AWD Help You Drive in the Winter?


An AWD system is designed to provide power to all four tires. This helps to greatly improve traction on slick and wet roads. Some vehicles are even equipped with an adaptable AWD system that constantly monitors the driving conditions and will automatically adjust the power distribution from the front to the rear in order to give you even better traction.


While the AWD system does help your vehicle gain traction in rough terrain areas, it is certainly a fail-proof system. Caution and skill are two of the most important things that drivers need if they are looking to stay safe while driving in winter weather.


How Are Snow Tires Different from All-season Tires?


All-season tires are specifically made to get traction on the road no matter what time of year it is. However, even though all-season tires can be driven in the summer and in the winter, they are not designed to be driven in extreme temperatures. If you are planning in driving in temperatures that are below freezing, you need to purchase a good set of snow tires.


Snow tires are specifically designed to be driven in the ice and snow. When tires get extremely cold, the rubber tends to harden up, causing them to not get particularly good traction. However, winter tires are made with a thick rubber compound that is able to still maintain its flexibility in extremely cold temperatures. Snow tires also have deep tread that allows them to grab ahold of the snow and ice instead of sliding on top of it.


Do You Need Snow Tires If You Have AWD?


While an all-wheel-drive system is certainly a good thing to have in the winter months, it will not completely protect your vehicle from slipping and sliding around on the icy wintery road. Instead, it is recommended that you also use snow tires in the winter. By combining snow tires with your AWD system, you will increase your handling and stability when travelling on the slick icy roads in the winter. In fact, snow tires are considered to be so important that some countries actually make it mandatory that all vehicles be equipped with them during the winter.


If you are planning to drive your vehicle this winter and are looking for a reliable set of snow tires, feel free to contact us today. We have a large selection of winter tires to choose from and our experienced service department can have them installed and get you back on the road promptly.

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